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Add features to the infoWindow from feature service that are not in the map

Question asked by milesee0000 on Mar 12, 2018
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Some background:

I have a Web App built using the Developer Edition of WAB, and have customized it slightly (using Dojo inheritance), so all my customizations live in a separate Widgetxx.js to the OOTB version (Smart Editor widget).



I have feature services that I don't want in the map, but do want to use to populate the infoWindow when a user clicks on the map. I haven't got a clue how to do this!

I have tried hooking into the set-features event of the popup and changing the features to use a deferred that returns the features from a query on the feature service, and this sort of works - it displays the selceted geometry associated with the feature, but the popup itself is not displayed.

I expect this is probably the worst way to try and achieve what I want. So, is it possible to add features to the existing popup associated with the map, or do I need to create a custom widget that has it's own custom popup and custom metohds for populating the content?


Thanks in advance,