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AppStudio Standard License in organisational subscription??

Question asked by simo Champion on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2018 by simo

Hi folks,


Is it still possible to add an AppStudio for ArcGIS standard license in your organizational AGOL subscription?

We are told by the ESRI AU that we have to get an ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS) (old EDN). and I am really puzzled:


How on earth can developers upload an app to their organization when they are using ADS which basically requires the developer to create a sperate AGOL site?? (My organizational account won't be allowed to activate the ADS license) This sounds a bit odd to me, but we are reassured there's a change in relation to AppStudio Standard license.


We used to have a standard license in our organizational AGOL subscription, that worked really well for me as a developer, but it expired a couple of days ago. we tried to renew and was told only ADS is available ...


Am I alone on this issue?


Your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated.