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Print service management for custom print templates.

Question asked by amitkokje1 on Mar 8, 2018

We deployed a print service with organisation standard print templates. The service is available and used through the organisation portal (10.5) as expected. Few business unit within the organisation approached us (GIS team) with request of a printing solution for map templates used by these units. These templates are based on the standard print templates but with few additions (custom logo and symbols etc). 


A standard way of solving the issue is to add the custom print templates to the template folder and restart the print service to accommodate the new templates. This solution is not ideal as the specific template will appear as a drop down option in print service and people other than the specific business unit will use it. 


Another option would be to deploy a separate print service to cater the need of these specific templates. This is not an ideal solution either as many other business units may demand their on print service in the future. This would lead to portal content clutter and admin issues.


Is there any way to register multiple template folders on to ArcGIS server and cater the templates through a single service? or allow an access to the specific templates for a group of user through the same print service?


The ideal solution scenario wold be: When people will access the print service, depending they are member of specific group or not, they will see additional print layout options listed in the print service, non group member will only able to see the standard print templates.