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model builder loop to create raster layers for defined values in table causes ARCMAP to crash

Question asked by suziemilner on Mar 7, 2018

I have a netCDF file containing weather data for every month from 2006-2100. Using this, I want to create raster layers for a select set of months for further analysis. I can do this individually I'd like to use model builder to automate the process as there's a lot of downstream analysis and multiple netCDF files but I'm stuck getting it to iterate through the months I need.


To work individually my process for the first step is:

- Make netCDF raster layer

-open layer properties and select the time point required (these are numbered sequentially so 1=jan2006, 2=Feb 2006 etc)- this can be done using selectbydimensions tool

-Export raster data (if possible labelled with the month and year but I can cope labelled with the codes)

-Repeat the last two steps for each of the required months


I have made a table of the month codes I need, and I've tried both the for and field values iteration but both cause my ARCMAP to crash. It crashes before any outputs display but the colouring of the model suggests it's crashing on the first iteration of select by dimension. I'm running ArcGIS 10.5 on a windows 10 machine with 16GB RAM.


For each of my netCDF files (I have multiple) I want to make >48 raster layers for further analysis so automating this would be very helpful. Does anyone know why my arcmap would be crashing or can anyone point me in the direction I need?


I've attached my toolbox and it's the two tools within that named "Model to create raster layers for all months needed" and "Model to create raster layers for all months needed using for". My netCDF file is too large to attach but I've uploaded one of my netCDF files to dropbox and it's available here. N.B it's a different netCDF file to that directed to in the tool I've made so the entire path will need editing.