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Unable to save pop-up configurations

Question asked by sam.liyanage_MBRC on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by KGerrow-esristaff

Hi all,


I have been struggling to save some changes I've mad to pop-ups on a web app I had created in the past. These changes were simple HTML and initially working earlier in the morning but now will not change no matter what. I can make the changes within the configuration tool click 'OK' and see them but once I save and reload it reverts back to a previous version I had. So far I have tried the following:

- Different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

- Clearing cache (On all browsers above) 

- Restarting computer

- Saving as

- Editing JSON directly

Oh the developer tools network sections everything is updated successfully (I don't completely understand this but there wasn't any errors)


This is the HTML I am attempting to use for my popups (It does work but it just doesn't hold the changes):Edit fiddle - JSFiddle 

This is the HTML it reverts back to: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle 


The only differences are the table row colours and the 'onerror' error handling I am using to identify when an image source is not present. I have tried saving with these removed and making a different change (adding some more) text and that seems to work however neither one of the ones I want work. It did work earlier this morning until I added the row colours. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.