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Have an AGOL Join Tool Problem

Question asked by meperko on Mar 7, 2018

Hi.  Does anyone know if the following is an issue or has experienced the behavior with the 'Join Features" AGOL analysis tool?


We are using the “join features” analysis tool to join a .csv file to a point layer from a map service.  What happens is that the join completes without error, but only a couple of features appear on the map.  However, when viewing the table (through the AGOL map viewer for example), the 90 matches we expect are listed.


We currently suspect that the problem is caused by the multipoint type feature class in the map service.  Can anyone confirm that the join tool may have a problem with multipoint feature classes or if there is a configuration in the data/map service we need to consider?


If anyone wants to take a look, the map service we’re using is  And I’ve attached a simple .csv file with two rows.  Both rows will match (i.e. list in the table), but only one will display on the map (as a 3 point multipoint feature). 


Any help is much appreciated.