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ArcGIS Pro - Failed to publish web layer to Portal For ArcGIS

Question asked by valraa on Mar 6, 2018
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I am trying to share a shapefile as a vector tile layer from ArcGIS Pro (2.1) to Portal for ArcGIS (10.6).

I am receiving the generic error "Failed to publish web layer".

I attach the log of the failed job. To sum up, the errors I read are:

  • Unable to write to user defined location for the local tile cache creation ()
  • Publishing web layer failed (AGO)
  • Publishing tool execution failed
  • Failed to publish web layer    ErrorMessage: Failed to publish web layer

This is what I 'm doing.

I launch ArcGIS Pro using an ArcGIS Online organizational credentials to authorize it.

I switch to Portal for ArcGIS with admin credentials, setting it as my active portal.

I do this because I cannot directly authorize Pro with Portal credential.

I then go to Share -> Web Layer -> Publish Web Layer.

I check "Copy all data" and then Vector Tile.

No messages at all when analyzing.

I press Publish and receive the error.

I already checked the permission on many folders, but I am not sure where to find the "user defined location for the local tile cache" mentioned in the log.

Also, if this could matter, the certificate of the Portal is self signed, and I am using Pro from within the LAN of the server.

Finally, I have NO problem at all publishing map image layers using the same exact procedure.

Any guess?

Thanks in advance.