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ArcGIS Pro Map Image Layer Cannot be Added for Certain Individuals

Question asked by mnadas on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by mnadas

We access client data through ArcGIS Online. Their data is hosted on their internal Oracle server but is passed through their firewall and published to ArcGIS Online as a Map Image Layer. This way, we can access their latest data on their server through ArcGIS Online but are unable to edit it.


Recently, I have found the benefits of ArcGIS Pro to edit and manage feature services on ArcGIS Online. I have been showing these benefits to coworkers and getting them to use ArcGIS Pro.


Unfortunately, this one Map Image Layer is inaccessible by my coworkers, except a few (for reasons unknown). I have no problem accessing it on ArcGIS Pro. My coworkers can see these layers on ArcGIS Online by accessing it on a browser. So we can rule out a permissions issue with ArcGIS Online settings. All other layers published and hosted by ArcGIS Online show up with no problems.


I have a ticket open with Esri and my internal IT department and we are running out of ideas as to why this problem would occur. Some of the testing we have done:


1. Tested all the versions of ArcGIS Pro (Basic, Standard, Advanced)

2. Updated ArcGIS Pro to the latest version

3. Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10

4. I logged into ArcGIS Pro into the client's ArcGIS Online account on one of their laptops (it failed)

5. I logged into their laptop using my windows credentials and they logged into ArcGIS Pro into the client's ArcGIS Online account (it worked)

6. They logged into ArcGIS Pro on my laptop while i was logged in (it works)

7. Added all the Esri ArcGIS Online sites as Trusted Site

8. Added my coworkers Windows Profile to groups I am in (it failed) (My IT claims that our Windows User Profiles have the same security settings)

9. Checked the ArcGIS Pro logs (holding ctrl-shift-M)


There is also a feature service that was published in a similar fashion as the Map Image Layer, and that is still inaccessible by my coworkers. We all have admin rights on our laptops.


I have attached the very generic error messages that pop up. Has anyone experienced this issue as well? We are hoping to resolve it, but are running out of ideas of what to investigate. Any ideas are greatly encouraged!