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Is there a way to enable the full page map with Read Only GeoPoint?

Question asked by Shane.Lim@suez_na.com_SUEZNA on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Shane.Lim@suez_na.com_SUEZNA

I have a list of survey's that I need the users to complete in a specific order at a specific location.  If the Geopoint field is defined as read only they full page map will not open.  However they need the map to know where to go.  I have also created a hyperlink that would open a webpage or app but once again it does not show if the geopoint field is read only. If the small map could be made bigger by modifing one of the webform or xml  files in the folder I would try that but I am not sure which section to edit. 


Here is my calculation field to get the url.  Once I make the geopoint read only the link is blank. 

concat('<a href="', ${lat} ,' , ', ${long},'">Locations</a>  Go Here')


Any ideas?