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Support for automated publishing of registered layers from aprx?

Question asked by sbuscher on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by sbuscher

When manually publishing a web layer in ArcGIS Pro there is an option to specify registered data as the source instead of using the ArcGIS Data Store in a hosted scenario. The desire is to automate this exact manual process. However, I'm finding all APIs falling short because they only support hosted layers. In particular, 


  1. ArcPy 3x:  CreateWebLayerSDDraft 
  2. ArcGIS API for Python: arcgis.gis.Item.publish() 
  3. Portal REST API: <url>/publish


All three do not support non-hosted layers, such as registered data. Still looking into arcgis.ContentManager.create_service()- it doesn't explicitly say one way or another whether this supports registered data. 


Do any APIs, or combination of them, support publishing web layers with underlying registered data from an aprx? I can't image why this wouldn't be exposed (?).