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color ramp does not stretch

Question asked by helga55 on Mar 5, 2018
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I am having yet another problem with my  interpolated plots. I want to keep one range of values for parameter A for 5 figures from 5 years so that  I can compare them. This is because the range in values changes with year and I want to show this interannual difference. But if I change the High-Low values in Layer properties it defaults to the High and Low of the data in question. That is it stretches the bar for the data in question and does not pay heed to my input values of high and low. You can see that in the data attached where I created two ranges and the figure did not change at all. I wonder if there is some setting I am not changing. This is pretty trivial in other software but I have wasted so much time with ArcMap with nothing to show.

the other thing is that I know this forum has retired but when i start my question and try to change the Publish Location I dont seem to see anything relevant like ArcMap etc.

Thanks a lot.