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Negative scaling factor in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by efisher16 on Mar 2, 2018

Hi folks,


I have a lot of data in one of the South Africa National Grid Zones. The South Africa National Grid uses a negative scaling factor and the coordinates are often recorded in negative values. In ArcMap and ArcScene, I can use the default projection file provided by ESRI with my negative value data and it displays properly. When I try to display the same data in ArcGIS pro then the position is always off. I cannot find a solution. When I set the Map or Scene to the default ArcGIS Pro South Africa National Grid zone projection, which is positive 1 scaling factor, then my data display in the wrong hemisphere. When I modify the projection to a negative 1 scaling factor, then the data are still in the northern hemisphere. Can someone recommend any solutions? I could transform my data, but that would take a very long time.