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Deploying an application that ties a field agent to a specify data entry form

Question asked by kayumba17 on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by TJin-esristaff

Hello ESRI Community,

We are working on a project that will make ample use of related tables in AGOL and deploying applications using AppStudio.  

Data is to be fed into AGOL (through related tables) by field agents at the mapped locations. These agents are stationed at the mapped locations and assigned the task of updating inspections of their respective locations.


The idea is to have the field agents submit information on inspections made from their inspection locations by using a unique field like “Inspector ID” as a search option to load in their data entry page.


We wish to deploy either an android application or windows desktop application which will serve as the data entry template for the field agents. Hence the idea of using the “Inspector ID” as the search criteria, comes in handy to avoid errors of an inspector submitting information to the wrong facility.


Kindly make suggestions on how best to deploy an application using AppStudio to solve this problem.