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remove autosave from editor and other features from original edit widget

Question asked by abhinavsharma1 on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by abhinavsharma1

Hey everyone.

I currently have a custom widget with edit capabilities and right now I have a cancel and apply button that work perfectly fine if you click them.But if you click away from the map it will override my buttons and save anyway. But i noticed that the editor widget already available in webapp builder has the capability built in to prevent the autosave feature and instead the user must hit save to save the edits. if the user clicks away from the map a popup is displayed informing the user that they did not hit save. 

I was unable to find this feature in the API documentation is this something that is only available in the ootb edit widget? Adding this feature to my application could help prevent user errors. 


Does anyone know of any reference to this property in the API or another way I could get this functionality in my application.