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WAB query widget can't format date for non-UTC data?

Question asked by jakethepainter on Mar 1, 2018

I have data in SDE in Pacific time (-8 UTC).  In my map service (not feature service), I've time-enabled all my layers and set the timezone, so the timestamps show up correctly in my web map (as a user who is also in Pacific time).


However, I have a web app query widget where I want to look for Calibrations that were done today.  No matter what option I try, it always shifts the time by 8 hours to "accommodate" my local time.


So if CALIBRATION DATE is on today, the sql will be

CALIBRATION_DATE BETWEEN timestamp '2018-03-01 08:00:00' AND timestamp '2018-03-02 07:59:59'


08:00 instead of 00:00


How do I set up the query to search for times that are on the same date as the query is executed, when the data stored in local time?