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Maplex Engine not displaying labels when zoomed out.

Question asked by lessears on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by lessears

Maplex engine refuses to display labels on some views using an orthographic projection when zoomed out past a certain point (1:58,157,528 in this case).  In particular this seems to mostly occur with Australia or the Far East as the center of the view. The labels will show once zoomed in a little if I pan the view toward the top of the screen or once I zoom in even more if I do not pan the view at all. If I pan back down without changing the zoom the labels disappear.

  • Visibility Range is set to none for both In beyond and Out beyond. 
  • The labels do NOT show as unplaced labels when selecting View Unplaced.
  • Selecting Unplaced labels, Never remove has no effect. 
  • Weights and Priorities are all at the defaults and changing them has no effect at the problem zoom level. 
  • Turning off all other layers also has no effect.
  • The labels immediately display when changing to the Standard labeling engine.


What am I missing?