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Do I need to clean up memory or something each time I called merge_management?

Question asked by jesuiselysee on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by rborchert

I have a load of shapefiles that I need to merge according to its state. So basically I have a loop to call merge_management multiple times. The scripts run fine for the first 20 states or so, and then it stops by itself without generating any error message.


If I singularly run the specific stopped state, it seems to merge fine. 


Is it because some kind of memory problem or something? Shall I do some cleaning up each time I called merge_management?



Code is very simple and straighforward:


def batch_projwater2wgs84(strparentfolder,outputfgd):

#merge areawater per state first
lst_statefips = City.read_states(cityeqv_constants.STATEINFO_FILE,'FIPS')
#lst_statefips = ['21']
for statefips in lst_statefips:

time_state = time.time()
#areawater has been previously moved to the state folder, merge everything under this folder into one file
#and output this file to parent folder
merge_areawater_by_state(os.path.join(strparentfolder,cityeqv_constants.US_CENSUS_FILEPREF + statefips + US_CENSUS_AREAWATER_SUFFIX),

print statefips + ' finished in ' + str(time.time()-time_state) + ' seconds'



merge all areawater into one shape for processing
def merge_areawater_by_state(shapefile_folder,outputfolder,statefips):
arcpy.env.workspace = shapefile_folder
lst_shp = []
for shapefile in os.listdir(shapefile_folder):
if shapefile.endswith('.shp'):

output_merge_filename = cityeqv_constants.US_CENSUS_FILEPREF + 'merge_' + statefips + US_CENSUS_AREAWATER_SUFFIX
output_mergefile = os.path.join(outputfolder,output_merge_filename + '.shp')
#delete file if pre-exists