GeoProcessor Object and ArcObject

Discussion created by mzdijjw2 on Jan 29, 2011

I am a newbie in Python, but I have been working with ArcObject (VBA) for several months. I have made a tool in VBA and tried to re-code the tool in python. The first time I couldn't find any information about ArcObject in Python, all I found was GeoProcessor Objects. Then, I found few articles saying that python didn't use ArcObject. So, now I want to ask about some basic knowledge:

What I can do with GeoProcessor Object is only what can be processed manually with the ArcToolbox. So it only makes the process automatically done. Is that right?

My VBA tool has some processes like:
1. Construct points from lines vertices
2. Construct lines from two coordinates.
3. Get the angle of lines.
4. Make processes for only the selected features.
5. Add field to the attribute table.
6. Break polygons into lines.
7. Check the relation between two features.
Is there anyway I can code these processes in Python using GeoProcessor Object? Is there any reference I can read and learn about these processes in Python?

I am working with ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.

Thanks you for your attention.