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Few Survey 123 issues need help for

Question asked by Anu.Sawant_PDP on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Hi there,



I have uploaded a  new Survey which has been generated by using existing survey but have done lots of modification in new survey and then published it.

Issue 1:- while testing the new survey on device when I am trying to edit already sent survey all of the fields are visible but cant choose any of the drop down list to make an update and surprisingly its the same with the original survey.

Original survey was used in the field and also tested before at that time everything was working fine. ( I have tried all kind of troubleshooting from deleting survey from my device to add it again but got the same problem.)


Issue 2:- Some of my fields got long choices,it looks ok on computer screen, but when we are using the same on mobile or tab screen, after selecting one choice it shows only the last part of choices, is there any way we can make the start part of choice visible for the long choices irrespective of screen size. Refer to the screen shot below For Sample Variable 1 choice is - Asbestos-reinforced composites (plastics, resins, mastics, roofing felts, vinyl floor tiles, semi-rigid paints or decorative finishes, asbestos cement etc). but on my phone screen I can see only as shown in the below screenshot.


Issue 3:- In the "repeat" section when we finished first sample and press + to add next sample , is there any way it will take me to the start of tha page, as of now ,have to scroll up to start recording survey information for next new sample and its annoying for the large survey to keep on scrolling to the start of the page.



Issue 4:- Is there any way app collected data can be save on SD card on the device , as if I am not wrong it is currenly using device memory.


Issue 5:- When I update the excel and save it in Surevy 123 connect updated page takes ages to update and stuck on "Converting XLS Form" for long ,after couple of mins wait I have to close everything and redo it. Again not sure why?



Suggestions please :- What is the best way for images or photos setting , our survey requirement is to take high resolution clear photos of the smaple so when we come back in the office by looking at the sample number from photo we can use it for further analysis. Currently I have kept the image setting of the app as unrestricted but it is going to suck the credits as we might take 50+ photos at each site. Can you please suggest me different options for the photos setting. We are using different resolution moble cameras and apple tab for survey.