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X-ray import using geoprocessing big RED 'X'?

Question asked by fish1ric on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by fish1ric

Red 'X' shows with or with out xml file immediately upon selecting this option

Windows 7 - ArcCatalog Desktop 10.5.1 Version Advanced License

Oracle 10G SDE 10.2.2, X-Ray Version 2017.1.25, 2017.1.25

Excel from Office Professional Plue 2013

X-Ray Extension - only allows one to Import back into Oracle GDB which is very different than 'Using Geoprocessing' which has various features, the main one being the feature class or tables can exist already (round-trip edits), the regular Import forces you to rename or delete something first.

There is no error code or message and the XML is validated OK

X-Ray Validation Results

Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Time: 3:40:19 PM
Xml Workspace: C:\Temp\ADACollectorTemp\ada_local_0228T2\coll.xml


No Errors


What is the Red 'X' for or mean?? how do I fix this, seems to be very fragile in 10.5.1 vs previous version.


X-Ray About and Version

 X-Ray import Export options - Import Using Geoprocessing fails