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Implementing Portal

Question asked by jhead@lakeworth on Feb 28, 2018
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Currently my Organization uses ArcServer consuming data from SQL Server, we host these services in webmaps on AGOL (also being utilized in Collector).

We are also integrating Survey123 and Collector and want easier access to secured services by authenticating with their AD creds (same creds used for ArcGIS Server).

We dont want users to have a AGOL user/pass to login the app and then use their AD creds to access the service.

So Portal will fix this by federating (I hope).


I watched ESRI UC workshops (2016) and read a few articles that stated I need 2 web adapters? 1 for Server and 1 for Portal? The ArcGIS Server is currently using SSL cert on the web-adapter;

do I need to purchase a new SSL Cert for Portal?


I also read its ideal to have server and portal on separate machines for isolation which is not a problem but will this cause issues with the web-adapters?


so my question is on a separate machine do I need to just install Portal or also Web Adapter and Portal? And will this require me to purchase a separate SSL Cert?