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Can you bulk reformat csv data once tables have been uploaded into ArcGIS Pro?

Question asked by Ben_Kawecki_MTSI2 on Feb 27, 2018



I'm trying to process a large amount time based location data. I have roughly 100MB of csv files with location data in them (there are roughly 30 files though that will increase). Right now the location data(lat/lon) is in the format "DD:MM:SS N/W/E/S", which ArcGIS cannot read. I would like to convert this into either decimal degrees if possible or atleast some other usable format.  Though I could easily fix this using some VBA, I'm trying to keep everything contained into ArcGIS Pro. Is is possible to reformat entire rows using the basic tools and then automat that process using a model or will I have to develop a python scrip to do this?