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Issues with repeats select one questions and calculations

Question asked by jvarasanz on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by jvarasanz

My form contains a repeat with a select_one question to identify the slope. The choice list is as follows:


slope<20%Mostly Flat
20-50 %
slope> 20%Steep


No matter what selection I've made, the database takes the value of the label, so I've tried making the select_one question null and created a another field that takes (using a calculation) the value selected in the select_one question. This works indeed, with the caveat that all the answers for this question is automatically changed for all the records in the repeat to the last value selected.


I don't think this makes sense, since every record withing the repeat should behave independently of the previous one. 


Please advise if it might be due to some type of bug.