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Mobile worker location icon colour

Question asked by Peter.Smith_FBA on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Peter.Smith_FBA

I have a general question regarding what happens to the status/colour of a mobile worker's Dispatcher map icon when they're travelling and they lose phone reception.

Working in regional Australia the mobile phone network can be patchy. So my question is: if an 'active' worker is driving to an assignment, and they lose mobile network coverage, does their Dispatcher map icon stay green/active, or does it change to grey/not working and then resume as green/active once they pick up a phone signal again? Either way, I'm assuming that their icon will appear to stop in one location for a while, and then jump to a new location once back in coverage.

I'm asking this from a safety point of view, as our workers often travel alone, and it could be useful to gauge whether they've set their status to 'not working' themselves or not.