ArcGIS Monitor / Specific license?!

Discussion created by gazy on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by MReither-esristaff

First we got very enthusiasts that FINALLY Esri released a monitoring tool for ArcGIS Server.

We have spent years of developing our own tools to monitor and manage ArcGIS Servers.


Now I would like to try it and I see that you need a specific license?
I contacted my local Esri office to get one and hopefully it should not be a problem since we are under ELA but I am thinking that is should be included in the ArcGIS Server licensing...

Why adding a cost for a tool that should have been part of the suite?

Also, now i am stuck on my installation hoping to get one license to at least test the tool... not knowing what it will actually do.

I also do not understand reading the different post here what will be the license scheme

Any comments / remarks / advises more than welcolme