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Copy content between Portal A and AGOL

Question asked by xtian79 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by xtian79

Hello fellows,


In my quest of setting up a continuous deployment for ArcGIS artifacts, I have been setup a portal for ArcGIS inside my company network, and a company account in AGOL.


My idea is to have the internal portal for testing and QA, then move the content to a production environment in AGOL.

Looking for the tools that let me accomplish my goal, I found the following entry in ArcGIS enterprise documentation

This script allows me to "copy" a Survey an a dashboard, but copied objects does not appear right:

  1. the survey displays a warning icon, and do not work properly
  2. The feature layer created for the survey, is pointing to the portal in my intranet


What should I have to take into account in order to proceed to copy those artifacts? should I use another tool?


thanks for any tip