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Web Adaptor for ArcGIS Server is not taking domain name - ArcGIS server Enterprise 10.6

Question asked by groundworklondon on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by a.hirschi-wyssesri-rw-esridist

Using ArcGIS Enterprise Builder 10.6, a basic single site installation was setup. By default the Web Adaptors for both portal and server were linked to the internal server path. When accessing the portal and the published contents within the network, it works fine. The server is also mapped to a domain name with ssl bindings to access the ArcGIS portal and ArcGIS server from outside network. 


By default the portal's Web Adaptor setting has not picked up the external URL. By following this URL this has been changed manually to link to the domain name of my server. However, the ArcGIS server Web Adaptor URL is still showing the internal server name, and there is no way this can be changed. 


The issues:


1.    I can't access the published contents through the ArcGIS Portal from outside the network (through the domain url).

2.   I can't access the federated server manager from outside the network (through domain url)


System details:


Windows Server 2012 R2

IIS 8 with ssl enabled and mapped to domain

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6

Portal internal url: https://gis-serverXX.xxxxx.local/portal (working fine)

Server internal url: https://gis-serverXX.xxxxx.local/server(working fine)

Portal external url: (working fine)

Server external url: (not working)


Any suggestions on how to get this fixed will be very helpful, as I have been struggling with this installation for the last one week and replicated the issue in two different servers.


Thanks Thomas