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Departmental (non-individual) account?

Question asked by engine143 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by rastrauch

We're a university with an Esri campus site license and use Enterprise logins. We have a demand occasionally from users who need to post an interactive map online (e.g., an Esri Storymap), but it’s the result of a research project that was a group effort, more associated with a Duke program rather than an individual. The individuals affiliated with that program may come and go, but the hope is that their final product (interactive map) can stay with the program. There might be a need for other researchers in the future to update underlying data used in the map. This has been a hassle in the past to migrate content from one host to another, and involves administrative overhead.

Is there any way using Esri’s cloud (not a locally maintained instance of Arc Server) to have such an account to host services that isn’t associated with an individual Arc Online account attached to an individua? An individual may leave Duke, so the services on that person’s account would go away unless they arrange for migration to another person’s account before leaving. Basically, having content reside not in an individual’s account, but in some sort of department/program account? Since the accounts are associated with Duke NetID’s, they don’t seem to readily lend themselves to this sort of set-up.

There are AGOL Groups, but these have a real-person owner in charge. I wondered if anyone knows of a way to work around this reliance on an individual when dealing with groups?

If this isn’t something that Esri makes possible, then departmental/program accounts are something that should be developed for AGOL organizational site licenses if there’s any way to work it out (there would necessarily need to be an official real person owner at any given time, but that person could come and go and the hosted data would stay with the departmental account).

Thanks for any insight on this. --Mark