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Deleting duplicate features sharing no field or geometry

Question asked by jpglock on Feb 24, 2018

Dear Community,


I am trying to align two line feature classes (street networks) that have been digitalized differently. One is more spatially accurate and has the attributes I need (A) and the other one has more detail in terms of small streets (B) - and I want both ;-)

They don't share any fields like ID or name.


The problem I have is that two or more features of the two feature classes can represent the same "street". If that is the case, I need to get rid of the said features of one of the feature classes. And since I dont want to lose the attributes of feature class A, I need to somehow get rid of the features of class B. My approaches so far:


  • Using the integrate tool to integrate features from class B into class A, to then delete them using "delete identicals" or topology rules. However, the tool miraculously changes the geometry of almost all features from class B even if the next feature from class A is much further away than the XY-tolerance defined.


I tried it anyway because I didn't know any other method. But:


  • Using the integrate tool and then delete identicals does not work, since the features are not identical, even though they overlap. E.g. one feature class is digitalized using three short line features to represent one street, while the other feature class uses one long feature.)
  • Using the integrate tool to make the features overlap and then use repair topology to subtract one from the other. However, I have 4400 errors and can only fix them one by one. It seems there is no way to batch fix them.


What else can I do? Is there any other way to get rid of these redundant features?




I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.


Thank you for every hint!