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Error with custom print template - trying to get check box beside a choice item

Question asked by Sudhir.Ponnappan on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Sudhir.Ponnappan

One of the surveys uses a choice list on the 'Season Type' field which is filtered base on the 'Access Type'. The 'Season Type' field is used as a subtype and is of Short Integer field.


I am having trouble getting a check box beside a choice item - ${SeasonType | selected:"value of a choice item"}. Encounters an error when trying to print.


${SeasonType | selected:"0"} All seasons (open year round during open seasons for hunting and trapping, and/or fishing)

${SeasonType | selected:"1"} All seasons except no access during the nine-day rifle deer season in November



Choice list


Does the values in the choice list have to be unique? In this case we have three '0' values?

Does the field have to of type Text?