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Replicating a College Campus with CGA Rules  (version 2017.1)

Question asked by tamethomas on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by CLau-esristaff

(I am completely new to CityEngine and 3D modeling) I have CityEngine version 2017.1 and I am looking to replicate a college campus in cityengine; 3d.  I used the Get Map Data feature to get the building footprints and road data. I then generated the 3D model. Here are some questions that I have: 


  • There are over 100 buildings on campus, would I need to create over 100 CGA files for each? Many of the buildings will have a similar texture (red and tan brick), but they will of course have different structures like the windows and the shape/size of the buildings. 
  • I used the Get Map Data feature to get the building footprints from OSM.  How do I access the building footprints data  in order to create a texture name attribute? Or is this something that the footprints file will either have or not have? I have read and understood that it's best if I use the Attribute Connection Tool to connect the CGA and footprints texture name attribute. 
  • I need to alter the shape of some buildings, how do I do this with CGA? 
  • Are there any resources on being a beginner and writing cga? I have looked a the tutorials and the Youtube videos, but I am a complete beginner and totally unfamiliar with the semantics of the program. 



Please let me know the most efficient way to complete this replication that you know of. The level of detail is not to be super realistic, but it needs to be recognizable. 


Thank you in advance,