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Pro dynamic text box- update date every 7 days?

Question asked by terrafirma_theo on Feb 26, 2018

In an ArcGIS Pro layout I have a dynamic text box (I believe it's XML or python..??) which currently contains some static text regarding the current version of our dataset and the date it was released. The text string looks like this:

Official Licensed Data: V1_60_20170226


I need this to dynamically update.

'V1' will always stay the same.
'60' will always change by increments of 1 every time the string updates (this is my version number)
'20170226' will change every 7 days, on the day.


So in 7 days time, I want the text string to read:

Official Licensed Data: V1_61_20170305

after that, the next will be:

Official Licensed Data: V1_62_20170312

How can I go about acheiving what I want?


Trivia: I know that to import the current date it is:

<dyn type="date" format=""/>