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Why do I need to update Survey 123 in my browser for it to work?

Question asked by Chris.Young1 on Feb 23, 2018

So for the past two days I have been designing surveys for my colleagues to use and I went to publish them and kept getting error messages (400 and 403 mostly). I did eventually get them to publish, but then when I went to check them online and share them with my colleagues, discovered that I couldn't open them. I would get an empty box stating that I didn't have authorization or the file did not exist. After a couple of hours of playing with forms thinking I had done something wrong in the initial design, I checked to see if maybe there was an update to the software. I did find my software was an older version, but oddly when I was on the 123 web page ( trying to find a download source I instead discovered the "Get It Now" link which after I clicked reloaded my survey 123 web page. It also seemed that all my  surveys were working, including the ones I had uploaded today. So my question is "Why should I have to update a web page in a browser, shouldn't that automatically happen when I load the page to begin with?"