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Adding Raster Aerial Data to Story Map

Question asked by thewilds on Feb 23, 2018

I'm trying to make a story map that uses the Spyglass feature. I have aerial images that are saved as raster .tif files that I want to upload into ArcMap online so I can use them in the story map. The goal is to have the older aerial imagery under current aerial imagery, so when users use the spyglass to scroll over an area, they can see how the land use has changed. However, I have tried uploading the raster dataset to arc gis online to no avail. I've tried loading it as a tile package, which seemed to work, but then when I added it to the map online it would not display. I've also tried converting the raster dataset in ArcPro, but an error keeps popping up. Is there any way to get this aerial imagery online so I can use it in my story map?