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Labels to Annotation Hanging up

Question asked by bpurcell@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by cpeters93710

I'm encountering an issue when converting labels to annotations, where the progress/dialogue box delineating the steps in the conversion process hangs up at "Giving features to label engine" for a few seconds and then crashes. ArcMap itself doesn't crash, just the labels to annotations process, and no error is thrown. 


The labels being converted are for features in a polygon feature class within an SDE database, and the destination for the annotations is an annotation feature class within the same SDE database. This is being done within a data-driven-pages series.


I do not believe this is an issue with my Arc install, as I've reproduced this error on other machines with their own native installs. I also do not believe it to be an issue with my version of the SDE database, as I've created a scrap version to attempt there, with the same results. I'm fairly certain it is not an issue with my .mxd file, since we use copies of a template .mxd that is not associated with individual users until it is replicated by that user (so the initial file should be vanilla). I've also tried resetting my Normal.mxt with no improvements. 


This may be an issue with the data we are using, as each user downloads their own data. However, I find this hard to believe, since data is pulled from the same source, is in the same format, and is done using the same workflow. This is the only thing I can think of though, since other users' conversions with their own data goes smoothly. With data that I've pulled and added to our feature class, *most* users are unable to convert successfully, though *one* person has been able to. 


I have not yet tested whether or not I can convert labels to annotations on data that other users have added to the database, mostly because I was doing the majority of the legwork on this project at this point in time, so not much data has been added.


We're running ArcMap 10.4.1.


I've only found one other similar issue with hangups occurring at "giving features to the label engine," though her experience was occurring when creating a  new destination feature class, not adding annos to an existing one. It's also from 2012 and had no replies. Labels to Annotation is giving an empty feature class