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Survey123 Connect: From Connect with ArcGIS to Web Survey; bold text isn't transferring and image size is being shrunk

Question asked by zyinger on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by zyinger

Hello All,


I am pleased with the layout of my survey via the Connect with ArcGIS Application, bold lettering, image sizes, and formatting look the way i formatted my .xls code (I'll attach my .xls sheet below for viewing). Although, when I upload my survey and access it via the collaboration tab on the website, things change. My font is no longer bold and the images I have set within the survey are extremely small, when in reality their dimension size in the media folder is massive! I have everything organized and set to the best of my ability. Below I have attached images of my Connect for ArcGIS layout, Web layout, actual sizes of my images, and images size setting on the Connect Application. Anything helps, thanks!

Apologies on the scroll of images, I want be thorough. The 1st image is the image setting tab in the Connect Application, 2nd and 3rd are what they look like on my online within the web survey, 4th and 5th are the actual size of the images in my media folder, and 6th and 7th are what my images and layout look like on the Connect Application. Thanks for checking this post out, hopefully you can help, my .xls will be attached below.



Zach Yinger


.xls link: