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wkt geometry to esri rest json geometry

Question asked by Mapping_Solutions on Feb 23, 2018
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I have just started programing in java. We have a java soap interface for simple fast operations with geom data (insert,select, update,geocode etc) Now I'd like to create a BufferService in java to our interface. The part of requesting the geometryservice  and convert json polygon to wkt is done with changing some character. The geometry must to be in wkt in the request and in response as well. So my problem is how to convert wkt geometry to json for the request when the geometry can be any main type of geometry. I found the esri geometry java api but it's little more difficult to me than other geometry api like vividsolutions'. But that json object is not rest compatible json so can anybody help me like show me a sample code how to use esri java geometry api to convert geometry wkt to rest json? I would be very very grateful

Thank you.