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Search and URL Parameter Search Result Highlighting Polygon Persists

Question asked by aroust on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by aroust

I just upgraded to WAB Developer Edition version 2.7. When I use the Search tool or pass a query through URL parameters, the search result highlights with a nearly opaque orange polygon. In the previous version, you could click elsewhere on the map to deselect the polygon and the orange would go away. Now, the polygon persists like a drawing object and I have no way to remove it.


Test URL: URL Parameter Search 


Or you can go to and search for 107-26-0-00-00-005.00-0 (this is a PIN number, just FYI). Click away from the highlighted property, and the orange polygon persists.


I can restore a backup version of my website, but I need to figure out how to fix this so that I can continue to use the latest version of Developer Edition.