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Printing TextSymbols with rotation and halo at version 10.5.1 or prior

Question asked by jadams on Feb 23, 2018

I have a JavaScript application that places labels while measuring distances on the map.  These labels are added as TextSymbols in a graphics layers on the map.  They also have an angle and halo set on the text (see attached).  Our client would like the ability to print these measurements using the print service.  After some testing it appears that the print service at version 10.5.1 and prior doesn't format TextSymbol rotation and halo correctly (see attached).  Version 10.6 appears to work as expected.  I've also tried using a custom print service with "ConvertWebMapToMapDocument" but the result is the same.


I'm wondering if there are any options for formatting text correctly through a print service at version 10.5.1 and prior?