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How to connect slope data to a layer of polygons in ArcMap

Question asked by U63891967_usflibrary on Feb 22, 2018
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I am trying to get some slope data into the attributes of a layer of polygons in ArcMap 10.5.1. I have a polygon layer representing various parts of a community (these polygons being varied shapes and sizes, representing sections of roads, buildings, plots of land, ponds, etc.) and I have a layer with the elevation data (which is very precise, 1 meter by 1 meter I think). I know I can use the Slope tool and the Flow Direction tool to get the slope and direction of flow for each location (represented by raster data). What I then need to do is take the flow direction and slope and attach them to corresponding polygons so that in the polygon layer, there will be two new columns in the attribute table with the data. Even though each polygon will contain multiple slopes since they are larger, I only want 1 corresponding value for slope and direction (an average of all values within would work, or just the values from the location closest to the center of the polygon). Is there a tool or method to do this directly in ArcMap, or does someone have advice on how to write a code that would do this (I have next to no experience in Python, only Matlab, but am starting to learn Python on my own)?