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Avoiding tiling/mosaicing in resulting image when Pan-sharpening Gram-Schmidt?

Question asked by Westphal40 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Westphal40

I mastered to georeference some declassified Hexagon satellite imagery from the 60s and would like to use it to pan sharpen a current Sentinel satellite image (already done as RGB). It is very important for me to retain as much color information from the original (the Sentinel) image as possible.

The Gram-Schmidt seems to be the best method for this purpose as it is the only one retaining enough color information from the RGB image.

When using ArcMap's "Image Analysis" tool to pan sharpen, the image looks perfect. But once exported to GeoTiff steps/tiling/mosaicing become aparent in the exportet image (see attachment).

I understand that this cannot be entirely avoided due to the method used that retains as much color information as possible but is there any way to make those steps more smooth/less obvious?