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Can we use a runtime-app as service

Question asked by HimBromBeere on Feb 21, 2018
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We´re are re-designing our desktop-app which consists of some millions of lines of ArcObjects-code. To do this, we plan to create a prototype based on ArcGIS Server and the Runtime SDK.


But in contrast to the samples we plan to use the runtime-client as a service to access it within a WebGIS, where the actual presentation happens. So we end up a three-tier-architecture with an ArcGIS-Server as data-layer, the runtime-app as business-layer and the web-client as presentation-layer.


So my question is if this is possible with the runtime-SDK or if there are better oppourtunities to extend the ArcGIS-server with some business-logic. 


Some words to that logic: currently it contains dozens of event-handlers registered to the events propagated by ArcMap as well as the geodatabase. So in order to store a feature, we need to be able to implicitely update other features that may be related. This in fact triggers recursive store-operations to those features. Another feature we´re currently using and extending is the ability to undo and redo operations or even rollback the entire session.


I know this question is fairly complex and not easy to answer. But so far we couldn´t get any idea on which framework to use.