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CAD to GeoDatabase - How are Coded Values Assigned relative to DGN Level?

Question asked by d.light on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by MidnightYell2003

I'm trying to better understand how the Cad to GDB conversion works relative especially to Annotation being assigned a Coded Value in the GDB based on level within the DGN. The assignment of the Coded Value seems almost random and this causes issues when attempting to merge data from two very similar but slightly differing DGN layer structure files into one GDB Feature Class. It seems for example that coded value 1 may represent level 60 in one converted GDB Annotation Feature Class and coded value 1 may be assigned to level 11 in another very similar file with the exception that the other DGN file does not have level 60 used or turned on (not sure which at this point). My problem seems to arrive when merging the two File GDB Annotation Feature Classes that have been converted from DGN files). The two files are merged based on the seemingly random assigned coded values that were established during the CAD to GDB conversion instead of honoring the actual DGN level assignments. This produces an output which seems to indicate what we had previously called "Annotation Jumping Levels". I cannot understand how the the CAD to GDB conversion determines the order of level assignments. It would seem to me that the coded value should be matched to the Level... Always without exception. If so, it seems this would eliminate the apparent "Annotation Jumping Levels". Am I missing something??