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Project A Polyline Extent onto another Polyline

Question asked by Rlnasral on Feb 21, 2018

Hello all, 
   I have a part of my data analysis workflow which is proving to be rather tedious to do by hand, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a tool that could potentially automate this process?


   On my map file, I have a highway, a buffer zone around that highway, and a coastline, drawn (fig. 1). The additional blue/green diagonal lines running from top to bottom in the figure describe a pseudo coordinate system. Any portion of the coastline which crosses into the buffer is marked as a 'vulnerable zone'. These zones then need to be drawn on a corresponding stretch of the highway polyline as shown by the cyan arrows and green dashed line in the figure. 


                                                 Figure 1: Bold red line is the vulnerable shoreline, dotted

                                                 green line is the ideal result of the projection. Cyan arrows

                                                 describe the direction of the projection. 


   Currently, I am manually required to redraw all these lines and bin them into categories by hand, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a tool which might work in a similar fashion. I have done some digging through the catalog and didn't see anything that seemed quite right. 

Thanks for any help!