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arcgis geoprocessor get/setparameter type

Question asked by northpole on Feb 20, 2018


I am wondering about the Geoprocessing service parameter data types when we call arcpy.GetParameter / arcpy.GetParameterAsText or arcpy.SetParameter in python script or from a  JavaScript client application. It is simple to set it when the input / output parameters are simple data types e.g., string or number however, how do we set or get it when we have multi-value inputs like list or array of strings/int values or list or array of feature sets? I know that there is a property to set script input or output parameter as multivalue or not but am not sure how to work with it in script.


Can you kindly share your thoughts on how to get/setParameter for a list of Feature Set or similar values in python script file or while setting from JavaScript API before executing the published geoprocessing service?


I am working with ArcGIS Server/Desktop 10.5.1 on Microsoft Windows Server / Windows 7 (client) environment. Thanks in advance for your time and help.