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Where to start?

Question asked by CaveSpringAssoc on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by sboden-esristaff

Hello All,

   New to GIS here but not software development.  I have read through the forums and seen variations of this question asked but no one answered with what I was trying to find out so here it is.  (Thanks in advance for any answers.)


  I am getting batshit lost on the myriad of interlinking websites, logins, and other whoknowswhats.

 I am a single user with ArcGIS Pro advanced 2.1 

 I have found a few pdf driven (really well explained and illustrated) instructionals that I have been working through to start under what I think is intro-GIS stuff. 

  I have also found and bookmarked 3 other "Starting point sites" on this website, or collection thereof.

 They all appear to be beginner but surely they are spread over three or for different website/pages on the same company?

  So, what I wanting to ask is this.

  For Newbies what is the process - order - ???  to start with the material here?   Surely there is some kind of structure with this massive of software?

  Secondly, as of typing this on February 19th, 2018 I cannot find any third party courses-books-videos that cover ArcGIS Pro 2.1 or similar.  I have scoured Lynda (which has the closets so far with Essentials), Safari, CBT, Packt, Udemy, etc.  Is there a single tome/course guided reference out there that is current? 

   I like learning the basics and fundamentals thoroughly and at this point I think I am scattered and missing alot.

  I would like to add, that I have done just a few walk through baby projects and I have not been as excited about anything since my first car 30 years ago as I am about what I see as the potential applications in my work for this software.

Thanks again in advance for any answers.