Help with edge within territory boundaries in Patch Analyst or Patch Grid

Discussion created by sheelaw on Jan 28, 2011

I have a layer of vegetation classes (originally a polygon layer with each polygon outlining different vegetation classes).  I need to calculate spatial statistics for edge metrics within each animal's territory.  There are several territories within the study area and many of them overlap.  Creating a separate for every territory is not an option.  There are too many.

First, I intersected the veg layer to the territory file.  I dissolved the resulting layer on veg type and territory so that each polygon represents a territory and a veg type.  I need to calculate edge within these territories. The problem is that if I run this through Patch Analyst, the boundaries of the territories create an artificial edge (these are just "cut-off polygons" and not real edges) and will over-estimate the amount of edge within the territories.

I have thought about using Patch Grid so that I can use contrast-weighted edges, but this would not help with the territories that are overlapping.

I can not be the only that has wanted to calculate edge metrics within territory buffers.  I have Googled the heck out of this and think that most ignore this issue.  I really hope for a work around.

I am using 9.3, but I also have 3.2
Thank you!