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Relationship Classes & Collector For Vessel Management

Question asked by stezak on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by stezak

After recently upgrading from ArcGIS® for Desktop Basic to Standard, I now need to rework my database structure and workflow. I now have the ability to create relationship classes, but I'm at a loss at how best to move forward!


We conduct monthly surveys of vessels on the water using an iPad and the Collector app. The data fields that are dynamic between surveys are: Vessel Location, Vessel Status (new vessel, status quo from previous survey, vessel in new location) and Images. The remaining data fields are relatively static from survey to survey. There may be updates to vessel registration or the condition of the vessel, but the vessel type, length, and width will not change (unless a more precise determination is made).


Following each monthly survey we have point locations for vessels present during the survey, as well as the attributes of each vessel present. Typically we see between three to six new vessels per survey, and up to four vessels may be observed in a new location. I would like to preserve/archive the results of each vessel survey.


Ideally, using Collector, after marking a location (vessel), I would pick the Vessel ID from a drop down list, and then all the vessel information (vessel status, vessel length, vessel type, etc.) is displayed. I would then have the ability to make any updates and attach images before submitting. Is this possible? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!