GNSS Metadata DateTime Fields

Discussion created by JGWjr on Feb 16, 2018
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I've used the Field Notes template to add GNSS metadata fields to a webmap. Some of those fields include both a date and a time. When opened in ArcMap on my desktop and then exported as a shapefile, those fields show only the date, but omit the time. I've been advised by ESRI Support that this is probably because shapefiles support Date as a field type, but don't allow the time to be included. (I'm told that the Tracking Analyst extension might allow dates and times to be concatenated in a field, but don't have that extension.) It would be advantageous to me if I could retain the time as well as the date when I'm working in ArcMap. So far, my workaround (practical for only a small number of records) is to write down the time values as I see them in the webmap, then manually populate a string field named "Time" with those values. It would seem desirable if Collector were to put the data and time information for GNSS metadata into separate fields so that this cumbersome### workaround would not be required.