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Latest S123 can not geolocate nor submit?

Question asked by derek.phyn_WRC on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

Hi All, Getting some interesting behaviour in the latest version of S123. Built a basic webform in (online) and have found that, while it looks perfect in design, when testing the browser (Safari, Chrome and IE11) form the geolocation (background map = NZ Community) will not pick up my location (yes location services allowed) and not show a pin so that I can manually pin point my location if need be. Alternatively, in the native app (v2.6.7 on iPhone SE ios v11.2) the geolocation works fine but the headers and footers have disappeared (yes they are turned on in design) making it impossible to submit the form. Both issues render S123 webforms unkworkable for me. My only option left is to rebuild the form in S123 Connect and hope that that works but I was hoping to avoid this if possible.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues or know why this might be happening?